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O.S. – OPERATIONAL STUDIES  Operational Studies is unique in that it is an academic research and assessment team with real-world operational and training capabilities. OS military studies are focused on conflict and post-conflict military and security operations, stabilization, counter insurgency, … Continue reading

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OPERATIONAL READINESS – Will you be ready on Game Day?

By Mark V. Lonsdale       Over the years I have worked and trained with numerous teams tasked with a variety of public safety needs ranging from SWAT and high risk warrants to search & rescue and underwater recovery. Many of … Continue reading

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Concealed Carry Training

By Mark V. Lonsdale, Director, STTU With all these psycho mass shooters and active shooting events in public places, more and more people are opting to carry concealed, or are looking into the process. This paper will look at the … Continue reading

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Sniper Overwatch & Gaming the Wind

By Mark V. Lonsdale, STTU This paper came out of a discussion at an Applied Ballistics Seminar concerning the challenges of shooting in mountain environments and dealing with variable winds. Drawing on considerable experience in mountain terrain and in Afghanistan, … Continue reading

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Jumping with US Marine Force Recon

Photo essay by Mark V. Lonsdale With U.S. Marines of Force Recon platoon at the Marine Corps Mountain Warfare Training Center (MWTC), Bridgeport, CA Marines preparing for a night static line jump into MWTC Pre-jump inspections. Main parachute on the … Continue reading

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Jumping Freefall Camera to Evaluate Jumpers

Mark Lonsdale in black, jumping camera with a former Navy SEAL and Leap Frog team member over Perris Valley, CA Mark Lonsdale jumping a 35mm Nikon and a 6mm digital Sony video camera  (1993) Freefall cameraman, Mark Lonsdale, flying a … Continue reading

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Testing High Altitude HALO/HAHO Military Parachute Rigs

Prior to high altitude jumps, all pilots and jumpers must go through training and assessment by an aero-medical high altitude physiology unit, plus make successful chamber runs to altitude Mark Lonsdale pre-jump from 30,000 feet. Jumpers will pre-breathe oxygen prior … Continue reading

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Convoy Security – Iraq & Afghanistan

The following paper is based on the author’s observations and experience in Afghanistan and Iraq as a military adviser and DoD security contractor from 2002 through 2008, while staying abreast of current operations and incidents through 2017.    CONVOY SECURITY In Semi-permissive War … Continue reading

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Military & Law Enforcement Train-the-Trainer

By Mark V. Lonsdale TRAIN-the-TRAINER PROGRAMS STTU was one of the first training organizations to develop law enforcement and military train-the-trainer programs based on modern educational methodologies, human performance, and sports physiology. OPERATIONAL STUDIES supports STTU’s train-the-trainer programs with continual research into … Continue reading

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Physical Security & VBIED Blast Protection

The following paper was written by Mark Lonsdale while serving as a senior security consultant on a Department of Defense contract at a combined US/Iraqi military base north of Baghdad in early 2004.  This is also the period when the … Continue reading

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