About STTU

STTU, the Specialized Tactical Training Unit, was founded in 1982 by Mark Lonsdale at the request of several law enforcement agencies and military units in need of basic and advanced tactical firearms training, SWAT and Sniper training, and Close Quarter Battle training. Over the next 20 years STTU developed dozens of training programs, published several books based on first hand experience, and trained several hundred officers, federal agents, SWAT teams, soldiers, Marines, intelligence officers, Airmen, and PSD operators.

STTU has run law enforcement training and military advisory programs in not only the United States, but also Canada, Europe, Asia, Pacific Rim, the Middle East, Gulf States, Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to sniper, CQB, weapons & tactics programs, training included raids and high risk warrant service, international protective security, maritime and diving operations, cold weather operations and mountain warfare, urban operations, high angle assault and rope access, law enforcement patrol rifle training and breaching.

Following the tragic events of 9-11, STTU programs focused on pre-deployment training and briefings for Recon Marines, Scout-Snipers, USAF Pararescue, Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence assets. STTU’s Training Director also ran forward deployed training at Bagram Air Base, Northern Afghanistan, and for coalition special operations personnel.