Never Forget 9-11

By Mark V. Lonsdale, STTU

Why you should Never Forget 9-11…. It may be 19 years since 9-11 but the war still rages on in the shadows.

Remember, they attacked us on land in 1998 when they hit the US embassies in Dar-es-Salaam and Nairobi, Kenya, killing 224 and injuring 4,000. They attacked us on sea in October 2000 when they hit the USS Cole in Aden, Yemen. They attacked us by air in 2001 when they hit the Twin Towers and Pentagon with 2,992 killed or missing. 

Their willingness to indiscriminately kill and maim innocent civilians is evident.

2002 they bombed tourists in Bali, Indonesia killing 200.

2004 they bombed commuter trains in Madrid killing 190 and injuring 1,400.

2005 they bombed the London subway and a bus killing 52.  

2008 they hit the Marriott Hotel in Islamabad with a massive truck bomb killing 50 and injuring 200. Then they attacked multiple targets in Mumbai, India, killing 166 

2009 they hit a CIA base at Camp Chapman, Khost, Afghanistan killing 7 dedicated officers and wounding 6 others.

2012 (9-11) they attacked the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya killing Ambassador Chris Stevens, Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, and Sean Smith.  

2015 they attacked Charlie Hebdo in Paris killing 12 and wounding 11. Then in November there were multiple attacks in Paris, including the Bataclan nightclub, killing 90 and wounding 200. 

    And this doesn’t count hundreds of bombings and shootings in Baghdad and Kabul, and the dozens of foiled bombing attacks on innocent civilians, postal systems, and passenger aircraft.

So don’t think for a second that this global war on terrorism is either won or over. Radical Islam has declared war on the United States, our allies, and western values, so Americans must remain vigilant. Our intelligence services, military, and law enforcement agencies will be holding the line and hunting these dangerous fanatics for generations to come.

Never Forget 9-11   


About Mark V

Dedicated shooter, seeker, traveler, teacher, trainer, educator
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