Training Tip – Reality Based Training

By Mark V. Lonsdale, Director, STTU

One of the perennial problems in law enforcement and SWAT training is a lack of reality based training. All too often officers take the easy route by handgun shooting on a square range at the known 7, 10, and 15-yard lines. Similarly, SWAT snipers opt to shoot from the benches at 100 yards.

Swat ChulaVista SR60D M2

All trigger time is usually time well spent when confirming zero and logging cold shots, but after the first few rounds the officers need to get off the benches and shoot from a variety of more realistic positions and at unknown distance.  

A law enforcement sniper may have to shoot from a variety of locations and positions to include urban dwellings, commercial buildings, city streets, grassy lawns, concrete surfaces, roof tops, scrub country, or even deserts. If they have snow in winter, then they need to practice shooting in that environment.

Mark Lonsdale sniper snow

Training in the snow, where the bipod may sink into the snow, utilizing the stump for cover and the shadows and snow suit for concealment. 

Train hard, train smart, training often, and keep it real!


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