Testing High Altitude HALO/HAHO Military Parachute Rigs

Prior to high altitude jumps, all pilots and jumpers must go through training and assessment by an aero-medical high altitude physiology unit, plus make successful chamber runs to altitude


Mark Lonsdale pre-jump from 30,000 feet. Jumpers will pre-breathe oxygen prior to climbing to altitude and then go on oxygen for the freefall from 30,000 feet to a breathable altitude


Jumps from 12,500′ without oxygen, and then 24,000 and 30,000 feet on oxygen (Mark Lonsdale)


Mark Lonsdale jumping the Mach III Alpha from 24,000 and 30,000 feet; oxygen pack on the left hip


Mark Lonsdale under canopy testing the Mach III Alpha military freefall (MFF) rig


Mark Lonsdale landing the Mach III Alpha on target

Mark-Lonsdale Mach-III-Alpha

Mark Lonsdale post jump with the Mach III Alpha


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